“Nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to do something you really love”

Our main objective is to help the client achieve the desired result

Our approach to digital marketing is focused on learning and growing with our users. We define each action necessary to achieve the proposed objective..

We offer companies, both nationally and internationally, the option of a totally personalized service adapted to the concept of the business.

In addition to digital marketing, we carry out traditional marketing actions to be able to adapt to any circumstance required by the user.

Predetermined goals are set based on the client’s needs. Results are focused on brand recognition, new customer acquisition, loyalty, increased sales or market share, conversion funnel optimization or improved ROI.

Taranna Marketing is an initiative created with all the enthusiasm that counts on the collaboration of great professionals for the development of personalized strategies.


Carmen Escobar

Carmen Escobar

Marketing and Events Manager

Founder of Taranna and responsible for the objectives of our users. Always in constant development to achieve optimal results.

A bit about us

We are professionals with practical experience in different sectors, both nationally and internationally. We are used to managing internal resources and subcontracted companies simultaneously, guaranteeing the initial budget agreed with users.

We are characterized by our restless and creative search for constant improvement, basic elements that help us to face all kinds of challenges.
Team of enthusiasts and dreamers at the same time, which allows us to apply our most creative facet, providing innovation and vision in all fields in which we have participated.

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Our values

Taranna guarantees a number of basic skills necessary for its interaction with users:


As a strong point in our management work, our high capacity of communication stands out, showing empathy and closeness, which helps to strengthen the work team and to fulfill the required goals. We believe in the human factor, that is why we always listen.



We have the capacity to generate new ideas, or concepts, in order to obtain original solutions. We make use of the Constructive Imagination as a fundamental tool in our actions.

Analytical capacity

Our analytical skills make us experts in dealing with crisis situations, ensuring successful execution to achieve the set goal.

We’re good at



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Web development

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