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We are professionals with practical experience in different sectors, both nationally and internationally. We are used to managing internal resources and subcontracted companies simultaneously, guaranteeing the initial budget requested by the client.
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We are characterised by our restless and creative search for constant improvement. We are a team of enthusiasts and dreamers at the same time, which allows us to apply our most creative side, bringing innovation and vision of the future in all the fields in which we have participated.
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Our Values

Taranna Marketing guarantees a set of core competencies necessary for your interaction with users.

Our principles guide us and help us to develop the behaviour and culture of our company. These values are the basis on which decisions are made, policies are established and relationships with clients, suppliers and ourselves are developed.



As a strong point in our management work, our high communication capacity stands out, showing empathy and closeness, which helps to strengthen the work team and to meet the required goals. We believe in the human factor, so we always listen.


We have the capacity to generate new ideas, or concepts, in order to obtain original solutions. We use Constructive Imagination as a fundamental tool in our actions.

Analytical Capacity

Our analytical skills make us experts in dealing with crisis situations, ensuring successful execution to achieve the set objective.

  • Reliability 100% 100%
  • Design experience 95% 95%
  • Revenue Optimization 85% 85%
  • Flexibility and Creativity 100% 100%

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In these times of change, it is crucial to be prepared to face the challenges. We are living a true digital revolution that requires us to adapt our businesses to new technologies.

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Our team

is HERE by and for you

In our professional team, collaboration, effective communication and the combination of skills and knowledge are fundamental to success. Each team member brings his or her expertise to contribute to the achievement of common goals.

Here we introduce you to the people responsible for making everything flow, those who adapt to the needs of our clients, those people who fight day by day to make sure that the work becomes an optimal management,

Carmen Escobar

Carmen Escobar

Marketing & Events Manager

Founder of Taranna Marketing and responsible for the design, implementation and supervision of strategies.

Jordi Duch

Jordi Duch

Business Advisor

He provides advice to companies to help them improve their performance, efficiency and profitability.

John Manzanet

John Manzanet

International Marketing

Responsible for international markets and adapting all strategies to meet clients’ global objectives.

Marta Pallarès

Marta Pallarès

Off-line Marketing

Responsible for delivering communication through traditional marketing media and corporate events.

Eloi García

Eloi García

Photography & Audiovisuals

Responsible for visual imagery, combining technical and creative skills for attractive and impactful results.

Xenia Marín

Xenia Marín

Graphic Designer

Creative responsible specialising in visual communication to convey messages, ideas and concepts.

Great business is never done by one person.
They are done by a group of persons.

“Steve Jobs”

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Professionals with practical experience in different sectors (nationally and internationally). Accustomed to managing internal resources and subcontracted companies simultaneously, guaranteeing the initial budget requested by the client.



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