Digital Marketing

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We use technological resources and digital media for the development of direct communications, whose purpose is to generate a reaction in the user.

Main benefits:

  • It is more profitable than marketing in any other “Traditional” channel.
  • Easy return on investment (ROI) analysis.
  • Real-time results.
  • Easy interaction and proximity to user.
  • No geographical limit.

These are the options we offer


Brand design and strategy

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It is an indispensable positioning tool. Its aim is to build and show the qualities of the brand, so the customer can know its values that differentiate it from other companies.

Brand identity can be demonstrated in many ways, from the logo to the typography or the corporate colours of the brand itself. 

Strategies are elaborated by obtaining information about the company like: Who are you? How do the public see you? How do you want them to see you? How far do you want to go?…

The aim is to differentiate itself from the other brands and to be able to stay within the horizon of the target public.

Social Media

Social Networking

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In these times, it is basic to have a profile of the brand in the main social networks. Part of good management is knowing how to choose the main ones for the business.

It is about monitoring what the company offers in each of these networks in order to keep the profiles always in place to achieve the main objective, gain visibility and attract more customers to the business.

We take care of creating profiles (if necessary) and managing the contents according to the actions that the company needs to show.


Audience analysis

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We control the analyses to offer grouped information on the traffic that arrives through digital media according to the audience, the acquisition, the behaviour and the conversions.

Thanks to the audience analysis, future campaigns can be better managed to reach a more specific audience.

Social networks, and the digital world in general, allow two-way and personalized communication, this means, we know more about our customers and potential customers.

The analysis of a segment’s interests, with respect to the whole community, provides a new dimension of opportunities to create content that connects with that particular segment.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Web positioning

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The SEO or SEM, are useful tools to position the page or blog in search engines and get visitors through organic positioning or paid advertising campaigns in search engines.

This action is considered basic in an online marketing strategy. 

To improve positioning we propose: creating relevant and original content, relevant titles and meta-descriptions and creating SEO campaigns.

The main function is the optimization of web pages so that they appear in the first positions of search engines.

Digital Advertising

Design and editing

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We also create digital ads, banners, etc., of different sizes and formats (text, images, graphics, videos…) that take up space on the predetermined internet sites in an attractive way.


Drafting and strategy

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Creation of persuasive texts for digital media, whose purpose is to encourage interaction with the customer. The aim is to highlight the value of the product, service or brand through words.

Objectives include, among other actions, converting the reader into a subscriber, customer loyalty through mailings or newsletters, enhancing e-mail marketing campaigns, reaching wider audience in digital media or creating a need for more information among customers.

All sales are made for emotional reasons, so the best strategy is to be authentic.


Advertising campaigns

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We specialize in targeted online advertising campaigns, especially on Facebook and Instagram Ads, which aim to help businesses improve their online visibility and enhance the sale of their products or services over the Internet. 

We also help those companies that already sell online and want to lower their purchase cost and increase their ROI (Return on Investment).

Targeting improves social media marketing campaigns at very high levels.

Web Development

Creation, analysis and content

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The website must be the centre of any online strategy. It helps to make the business known and to have more presence. It is our business card.

We offer creation and development of web pages (corporate, advertising, e-commerce, …), as well as their analysis for implementing improvements and strategies.

It includes design and maintenance. We also offer the option of SEO application.

Email Marketing

Email strategy

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Email marketing focuses on sending a message with the aim, among other objectives, to get new customers, loyalty of current ones, interact with contacts, increase sales, generate confidence towards a service or product, etc.

It has established itself as an important channel of communication. In addition, it creates a significant and fast link with the user or potential customer.

It raises your companys profile by publicizing your business, services and brand, positioning it as an expert and helping to sell its products or services.

We also organise events!

We offer management and organization of events for companies, totally adapted to the established objectives of each client. Our services ensure a totally personalized management with 24/7 customer service

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“Your happiness depends on three things, all of which are in your power; your will, your ideas about the events you are involved in, and the use you make of your ideas”. (Epictetus)


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